Common Dog Walking Issues that Professionals can Resolve

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Walking your dog on a regular basis can offer many benefits for their health. At the same time, it is a great way for the dog and the owner to bond. However, walking your dog is not an easy task as it appears. Some days might be completely stubborn and take no orders that it can make a dog walking experience seem so stressful for both the owner and the pet. For this reason, dog walking services were provided to help owners with this dilemma. It is not a service exclusive only to pet owners who feel they do not have the time to walk their dogs, unlike most people think.

A professional Brisbane dog walker can help you resolve some of the common issues that are involved when walking a dog. Below are some of these issues that a professional dog walking service can fix.

Leash Pulling

This is very common with most dogs but especially with young dogs. The idea with walking your dog is that the owner should be the one leading the leash, not the other way around. But it is typical to find dogs that walk in front of their owner. This shouldn’t be the case. You can hire dog walking services to provide you tips on how to establish control over your pet so that they will heed your command when walking.


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The moment your dog starts to pull ahead with the leash, change direction. This will hint at your dog that they need to follow you, not the other way around. Another technique that you can try when your dog starts to do some leash pulling is to stop in your tracks. This will send a signal to your dog that you are not going to follow their lead.

Lunging at Passersby

This is another common dog behavioral problem while you are walking them. If your pet is doing this, it can scare the other people who are walking with you. Or, if they lunge at other dogs, this can incite an aggressive behavior.

Next time you walk your dog, professional dog walking services require pet owners to pay attention to what triggers this kind of behavior on your dog. It could be that he lunges at other dogs that get too close. When this happens, try to distract your dog’s behavior by luring them with a treat so they can go over to one side. This will keep them from coming face to face with another dog.

Chewing on the Leash

This is another typical behavior from your dog that should not be tolerated. Some simply nibble on it while others bite. There are also a few dogs that pull on the leash to fight control over it with you.

There are many ways to correct this behavior, according to experts. One way is to reward their behavior when they are being quiet and well-behaved. You can also try using two leashes: one of the harness and the other one on the collar. When they attempt to chew on one leash, let it go. This will you nip the behavior in the bud, so to speak.

Are you experiencing these issues with your dog? You need to hire a professional dog walker from a dog walking business to sort these problems out! Visit Spot The Dog Walker to get more information about finding the most suitable walker for your pet dog.

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